Fed Up with the Whole Debate

medium_8893129707-1I am really sick and tired of  the whole debate. I am tired of having to choose a side. But as a homeschooler evolution and creation is a larger conversation than just science curriculum.  It permeates everything in homeschooling were I live. Every time I see a statement of faith that includes a section about how the Bible is to be interpreted, I balk. This is a signal to me that only creationism will be tolerated here.  And it happens a lot.  Statements of faith are attached to as many things in homeschooling as liability forms were in public school. Even if I did believe in every word, there is still a major reason I don’t want to sign: I believe my faith is between me and my God. It really isn’t anyone else’s business.

Oh, I get why they do it. They are creating a safe place to express their common views openly and with like-minded people. Fine. I won’t argue. I understand and respect that, but I don’t want to have to sign a statement that I’ll fit in just so I can play with your toys. I’ll take my ball and go home thank you. Continue reading