Why we homeschool high school

girl-277719_960_720High School. It was a huge decision, and one I will have to revisit twice more, but I am solidly behind the one we made for my oldest to continue to homeschool. The amount of families who decide to put their kids back into school is shocking to me, but I get it. Taking on the final leg of the homeschool journey can feel overwhelming.

My daughter and I talked options last year: public school, private school, or homeschool. We looked into price, curriculum, and environment. We talked about social events, activities, and sports. She made her choice to homeschool with no reservations. Here are her reasons and why I support her.


She is currently studying Japanese and no schools in the area had as good of an option as the class she is currently taking. Technically, she could continue the same class, but she thought that if she was going to spend all day in a school, they should provide the classes she wants. She also wants to take several advanced sciences each year instead of dividing the subjects into one per year. Her father went to great schools in Panama and Costa Rica and this is how they did it. His science education was better than anyone else I knew upon entering college.

My thoughts: I completely agree with her. The academics we have set for her are strong and I would hate to see her flooded with busy work or bored with subjects she has already studied. I will find a class or tutor for any area I can not teach. 

The Social Scene

She’s really not into the typical high school social scenes. Football games and prom don’t really justify four years of school to her. She’s decided that if she gets asked to prom by a friend, she can go, but she isn’t too interested in going to a formal dance. She’s also not excited about being surrounded all day by kids she doesn’t know, or frankly may not want to know. As far as friends go, she has quite a few really good ones, probably more close and genuine friends than I had at her age.

My thoughts: Here I hold some reservations. I remember the glamor of prom and the solidarity of school spirit as a great part of my experience. Or was it? When I really think about the actual events, they never lived up to the hype. Football games were dull and full of teenage boy-girl drama. Prom was fun, but not even close to some dream evening. I think she may have a better grasp on this than I do. 


She’s really, really busy and she likes being in charge of her own time. She doesn’t want to give up some of her favorite activities because school takes a huge chunk of her day.

My thoughts: She isn’t always great at time management, but she is learning. The schedule she keeps is similar to one of a college student, so I think by the time she is off and on her own, she’ll be able to adjust nicely.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear back about what some of you think about homeschooling through high school. If you blog about homeschooling in high school or know of any great resources, please tell me about them in the comments section so I can check them out. Thanks for stopping by!







4 thoughts on “Why we homeschool high school

  1. Right now we have two kids who are high school age and another who will be going to 9th grade next year. We fully intend to homeschool all the way through. Public school is not even an option for us. My oldest daughter sounds very much like yours. She is also studying Japanese, and she also has a lot on her plate for next year- chemistry, physics, quantum physics, and a third year of psychology. This is completely her choice. My son is the complete opposite of her and needs to be prodded along quite a bit. I haven’t written any posts on homeschooling high school in about two years, so maybe it’s time to address it again!

    • I’d love to hear about that! Yes, I think my oldest and yours share a lot of the same interests. My son, the middle schooler, is also one who plods along. It’s quite a different experience! I will say an upside to this is how he gets a lot done and doesn’t seem to overload himself and become overwhelmed.

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